Electro-Direct not only a manufacturer of electronics, but also can create software and firmware for it. Our engineers are among the most qualified and highly trained workers that can design boards, choose the base and wite a program for that module. 


Each project is created according to the customer’s specific technical requirements and needs in mind and is considered to be intellectual property of that customer.


We first carry out the design of electronic circuits and develop the topology of printed circuit boards. The, we create build of materials of all the components needed and search for the best price and quality possible. If a part has been discontinued, we will try to find the best match.


We also make product prototypes that we test at our own facility to confirm high quality of our products and to ensure a close match of customer’s requirements. 


After samples has passed the inspection, we can make put the project into production and make many copies of that product right there at our own facility.


We guarantee that you will receive high quality products at the best price possible! 

We are always ready for dialogue.

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